XXX Tequila

Drinks International, April 2003: Tequila Ultra takes to the high road.
Available in the UK, France, Germany, Spain, japan and Russia, the latest brand of ultra premium pouring Tequila XXX Siglo Treinta® - that is, 30th Century - is also gathering momentum in the US where it is distributed by 123 Spirits.

"With XXX Siglo Treinta®, we are addressing demand in the marketplace for ultra premium products that are versatile and competitively priced," said David Ravandi, president and CEO of 123 Spirits. "Our fist release, XXX Siglo Treinta® Gold, typifies our approach, it can be enjoyed straight or in premium mixed drinks."

Made using traditional and authentic methods, XXX Siglo Treinta® is produced and bottled in Mexico under the guidelines established by the Mexican Tequila Regulatory Council (CRT). 123 Spirtis will debut its first release, under the XXX Siglo Treinta® Gold label.

For the last few years, Ravandi has developed and distributed a line of ultra premium Teuqilas that has quickly capatured the attention of the industry after winning double gold, gold and silver medals at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.



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