XXX Tequila

Patterson's California Beverage Journal,
July 2003

XXX Tequila Conquers El Cholo and Ambiente

From Blair Salisbury, owner of El cholo, is the latest greatest version of Caribbean-style cuisine in a setting of tropical paradise.

you can't miss the waterfall out front which prepares for a vision of a wonderland. Walking inside Alhambra's newest restaurant, Ambiente - which means ambience or atmosphere - leaves you with a reality check. Where am I?

"Salsibury . . . decided that his
house brand would be the
new XXX Siglo Trienta"

The colors are rain-forest in brilliance. Huge metal banana leaves surge out of faux bamboo walls. The lighting is alluring and your senses indicate that this may be closest you'll get to the Yucatan peninsula for awhile, so enjoy this experience now.

Executive chef Aleccio Leon (also of El Cholo) worked closely with Salisbury and partner Diego Fernandez, who wrote the menu from scratch.

Salsibury, a fan of tequila as an aficionado, decided that his house brand would be the new XXX Siglo Trienta. Used in the well, this ultra premium pouring tequila from 123 Spirits was just honored with the double gold in its class at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition this past April. XXX, distributed by Young's Market, was developed by David Ravandi, whose knowledge in packaging, marketing and the art of tequila lead him to fame with another well known brand.

At Ambiente, diners will have the opportunity to dance and listen to music, with an old Cuban-style stage flanked by deep red velvet curtains in the forground. VIP areas are designated for high rollers, and the outdoor patio is heavenly.

Bar Manager Anthony Villegas will make sure the finest cocktails and quality wines are available. "Atmosphere is taken for granted at so many restaurants," Villegas points out. "Here at Ambiente, it flows naturally."

For more information on XXX Siglo Treinta, visit 123 Spirits online at or call 123 Spirits at: 310-345-3455.


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